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love reading and writing. photography. Im in love with the thought of being in love. im a hopeless romantic im in love with 2pac. anything else you wana know? oo and i love all the people that follow me back haha i can be pretty lame at times!

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sleepovers when i’m 10: omg guys we’re going to sTAY UP ALL NIGHT AND PARTY!!!!

sleepovers when i’m 15: if you fucking make a sound after midnight you’re leaving

…Times like today..

Sometimes I wish the last two years of my life went differently.

Today is one of those days that I’m literally sitting here like wtf is my life!?
Why did these things happen?
Where did all of my dreams go? Where did I go?

I don’t even know who I am
But I am aware of what’s happening and I don’t like it

Stuck in a place where I am no longer respected or valued yet I have no where else to go.

I wish I never messed up

Wish I didn’t fail out

Wish i would’ve enlisted when I graduated hs

Wish I never met you and dropped those classes because I thought I was in love… Thought I needed to spend every second of every hour with you…

I take responsibility for all of my actions but fuck.
I’ve. Fucked. Up. So.bad

Failed my exam today and I just feel like shit.

Cutting my phone off and I’m going to get back in the bed.


Today has been a rough one. Since I woke up at 7… It’s just been bad from left to right.
I’ve never felt so tiny.
So stressed

Anonymous: You should draw a puma wearing puma shoes.








I fucking lost it here